Philp Lymbery meets Rosie Boycott

Episode 1 July 04, 2018 00:22:31
The Big Table, with Philip Lymbery
Philp Lymbery meets Rosie Boycott

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Compassion's 2017 The Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards

This month, Philip is at the Compassion's 10th Good Animal Welfare Awards in London to celebrate the retailers who are bringing cage free produce to the high street. ...


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Philip Lymbery meets Erik Solheim

Philip meets the Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme, Erik Solheim to discuss the UNEP's priorities and finds out how fixing the global food system is central to its work. ...


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Sounds and visions from Livestock and Extinction 2017

This month, we visit Compassion in World Farming’s Livestock and Extinction conference in London. With the partnership of the World Wildlife Fund UK, it was the very first of its kind to examine the devastating impact of livestock production on animals, people and the planet. ...